What'S New In C# 12 - A Practical Guide With Exercises



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Published 11/2023
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Learn about the new features in C# 12, through theoretical videos and practical exercises.

What you'll learn
What's new in C# 12
Motivations behind the new features
Scenarios for using the new features
Exercises to practice implementing the new features
C# language basics
Hello My name is Hector Perez, Be welcome to the course, "New features in C# 12, a practical guide". I am Microsoft MVP and software developer with more than 10 years of experienceC# is the powerful programming language created by Microsoft, placed among the most popular and used todayThe reason, is that with C# you can create almost any type of application, from video games, to mobile applications, to web projectsWith the release of a new version of .NET every year, new features are added to C#, making it an increasingly flexible and powerful languageIn this course, you will learn about the main features of C# 12, the reason behind the incorporation of each of them into the language, as well as exercises that will allow you to get hands-on to practice what you have learnedAt the end of the course, you will know what are the main new features of C# 12 and how to use them in your projectsSome of the topics that we will see in the course are:primary ConstructorsCollection ExpressionsOptional parameters for lambdasParam array parameters for lambdasAlias any typeAmong other topicsTo have a good use of the course, it is recommended to have basic knowledge of C#What are you waiting for to update your C# knowledge? See you in the course
Section 1: Primary Constructors
Lecture 1 What are Primary Constructors
Lecture 2 Primary Constructors - Before and after
Lecture 3 Uses for dependency injection
Lecture 4 Constructors and base class initialization
Lecture 5 Applying Primary Constructors in a project
Lecture 6 Solution to Primary Constructors exercise
Lecture 7 Resources
Section 2: Collection Expressions
Lecture 8 Motivation of the feature
Lecture 9 Using Collection Expressions
Lecture 10 The Spread element
Lecture 11 Collection Builder
Lecture 12 Applying Collection Expressions in a project
Lecture 13 Solution to the project implementation
Lecture 14 Resources
Section 3: Optional and parameter array parameters for lambdas
Lecture 15 Lambda optional parameters
Lecture 16 Array parameters for lambdas
Lecture 17 Practice Time
Lecture 18 Problem resolution
Lecture 19 Resources
Section 4: Alias any type
Lecture 20 Alias any type feature
Lecture 21 Practice Time
Lecture 22 Problem Resolution
Lecture 23 Resources
C# Developers,.NET Developers in General

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