Painting With Watercolours For Beginners



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Published 10/2023
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Learn how to paint using watercolour with this amazing hot air balloon.

What you'll learn
How To Use Watercolour painting
How To Create A Hot Air Balloon
How To Create The Drawing
How To Use Your Watercolours
No Experience Needed
You Will Need Your Equipment: Watercolour palette, watercolour paper, round brush, masking tape, pencil, water jar, old rag
Creating Your OwnChina will show you how to create your artwork through step by step videos looking at each individual stage. First, make sure to have all of your supplies ready so you don't need to get up whilst creating the painting. Ensure you leave time to dry in between layers so grab yourself a cup of tea whilst you wait, they won't take long. Don't forget to share your artwork with the class so you can receive feedback and show everyone what you achieved!What You'll DoFollow the video tutorials to learn how to use your paint palette to create this amazing artwork. Remember that you do not have to choose the same colours, or even choose the same design. This class will give you skills that you can apply to your own artwork and make it your own if and when you wish. Perhaps you want to try this technique along with the artist, and then try another version with your own modifications. Just remember, we would love you to share you artwork with your classmates in the project gallery so we can see how you got on!The Stages In A NutshellEquipment. Make sure you have everything you need to get started. China will tell you why these are important and alternatives you can use too_Outline. Make life easy for yourself and spend some time on the outline. Once this is done, the rest of the work is easy and you can mindfully zone out knowing your painting is in proportion.1st Panels & 2nd. Alternate your panels in the painting so you make sure the colours don't bleed into one another. Here you will learn how to create texture with your paint and clean water. Allow time to dry from the first layer of panels to the second so the colours don't blend in with each other. Feel free to choose whatever colours you want!Basket. Whilst the panels dry, paint in the other features in the same method.Depth. Once your balloon is dry, you will learn how to add another layer with gradients and a wash to show that the balloon is curved. This trick is really cool!Background (optional). If you want to add a sky to your balloon, now is the time to do it. We will show you have to add a gradient to your piece to make it look really cool.Dark Outline (optional). Sometimes artwork looks really nice with a dark outline and we agreed it would on here. If you don't have a fine liner, use a biro and make your artwork pop.We can't wait to see what you create! Good luck!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Lecture 2 - The Equiptment
Lecture 2 The Equipment
Section 3: Stage 2
Lecture 3 Stage 2 - The Outline
Section 4: Stage 3
Lecture 4 Stage 3
Section 5: Stage 4
Lecture 5 Stage 4
Section 6: Stage 5
Lecture 6 Stage 5
Section 7: Stage 6
Lecture 7 Stage 6
Section 8: Stage 7
Lecture 8 Stage 7 - The Final Outline
Suitable for beginners who are looking to improve their watercolour skills

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