Microneedling For Hairloss With Stem Cells



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Published 11/2023
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How to treat hair thinning and fall for professional or home treatment

What you'll learn
What are the benefits of microneedling
Contraindications for microneedling
How to microneedle face and scalp with a pen or scalp (not a roller)
Aftercare for microneedling
Microneedling device (electric) for face or hair
Alternatively if you only wish to try for hair buy Calecim Hair System as it has a dermal stamp included
This course will cover how to microneedle and apply stem cells for hair restoration. Where the candidate is suitable the estimate is a 90% success rate. I will cover the causes of hair loss, who might be a suitable candidate for this treatment. We will also go into depth of why and how the stem cells stimulate hair growth by elongating the growth cycle.This course covers how to treat with a derma stamp and a microneedling pen but not a derma roller. It is my opinon that a derma roller can be more risky for treatment to the professional and that the channels created are inferior to microneedling. You will need to purchase the stem cells and they will also include sterile wipes and a derma stamp. This is not treating the cause of hairloss rather the symptom. All treatments carried out by you are your responsibility. You must adhere to local laws and regulations and have insurance where applicable. Do an intake form and keep records for up to seven years. Calecium is a bio derived stem cell from placental cord lining from deer. Not all stem cells are equal and I believe that this is superior to synthetic stem cells or PTT-6.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 Contraindications to Microneedling
Lecture 3 Equipment
Lecture 4 Calecim Stem Cells
Lecture 5 Causes of Hairloss and who might be a good candidate for Calecim & Microneedling
Lecture 6 Assembling the microneedling pen and Calecim serum
Section 2: Microneedling for hairloss
Lecture 7 how to section off the hair and pre apply the stem cell serum
Lecture 8 Hair microneedling with Calecim Stem Cell
Lecture 9 Microneedling for face
Section 3: After care
Lecture 10 Aftercare
Professionals wishing to have a quick recap,Home users who wish to do home treatments on themselves, or friends and family

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